Easy-Registration Step by Step Guide:

Being a webcam performer is one of the easiest and safest ways to make money in the adult

Business. A top cam model can earn thousands per week with working less than 30 hours. Becoming a good cam model is very easy. Make sure you have all Documents we need ready, before you sign up.

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  • Check if you have all of this:
  • Computer
  • Broadband Internet Connection - as fast as possible
  • Webcam or a camcorder and a capture card
  • E-Mail Address
  • Scanner or Digital Camera
  • Printer

Easy registration is a user-friendly interface.

This is the Start of the registration. You will see this Screen first:

The most people have to select “Easy Registration”. (See the Picture) Then press “Submit” to go to the next Screen.

Select Easy Registration here. This means that only one Person (you) will register.

Only if you want to register another boy or girl or a couple as well, you have to select

“Advanced Registration”. You need to have all documents of all other models ready as well.

Easy Registration -> Only one person can work under the account. (One Webcam Model)

“Advanced Registration” -> There is no limit of the models you want to register (this is recommended for studios and couples, threesomes, etc. (Two or more Webcam Models work for one Account)

You have selected to create a new account.

Now you have to enter your “Account Username”, “Password”, “E-Mail Address”, and “Accept Terms and Conditions”.

Write all things down on a Paper so you cannot forget it later. You must login with this information.

Enter your “Account Username” into the gray field first. Make it easy to remember for your customers. It has to be unique. If someone else already has chosen the “Account Username” you want, you cannot use it. Enter another “Account Username”.

Then enter your “password” into the gray field of. You have to “re-type” it into the field below.

Then enter your “e-mail address” into the gray field. We will communicate with you trough the e-mail address you entered. (We have also 24 hours Live Chat Support if you need urgent helps)

Do not choose “I ‘am a Porn Star”. Only click “I ‘am a Porn Star” if you work or worked as a Porn Star. You need to provide us with your stage-name, biography, film-history in addition to the usual registration documents and data. Our colleagues will evaluate this information and place you in the appropriate section. We have a special Program for Porn Stars.

Read and then click “Accept Terms And Conditions”.

Then click “Register Master Account” to go to the next Page.

If this “referrer screen” appears, enter into the gray Field, exactly like in the picture below. Then press “Submit”.

This is because if I know that you signed in as a Webcam Model, I will send you the Visitors from our Online Performer Status Pages.

If you get asked if “member” or “webmaster” or “don’t know” choose “webmaster” like in this picture:

When you entered all this Information and press “Submit”, you will go to the next page, where you have to enter all the personal information we need.

In the next screen you have to enter your personal information into the gray fields. In the first line enter your “First Name” , “Second Name” and “Surname”, then your Birth date, and if you are a boy or a girl (Female), and then the identification number (ID-Number) of your Passport or Drivers License, the date the Passport expires “ID-Expiry Date”, the Country you live in, your Province/Region “State/Province, Region” your city, the Postal Code of the city, Street Name and House Number, your Nationality and your Ethnic like in the picture below. All fields with a “*” has to be filled out!

Then chose the languages you speak below. So the Customers know if they can speak with you in your language.

After that, click on the “Submit Button”, to go to the next page where you have to download and print a 2 Page Paper Document which you must fill out and sign by
Hand. After that you have to upload the documents as Picture files. (Digital Photo Camera or Scanner generated Picture)

After you entered your Personal Information you come to this page.

At this page you have to download a PDF Document. Click on the gray “Download Agreement” box on the left side, below the green arrow. Open this document with a PDF-Reader and print it out, so you have Paper Documents.

If you don’t have the adobe reader installed, you can download it for free at
www. adobe.com or Google for “Adobe Reader Download”.

The Printer will print out a 2 side Document which will look something like this:

The personal Information you have entered already before, will be already filled out in this document So you only have to check if they are OK. If you find errors, do not change it on the paper.

Re-Start the registration process and fill out the fields correct and print the PDF Document again with the correct Data.

If everything is correct, sign the Paper Documents with you name. Now you have to upload these 2 Pages as Picture Files. You need one of this file formats to upload the files:


If you have another format then listed above, the upload will not work. You have to convert it then.
Also one file should be below 1 MB. You can use the “Save As” option of your Scanner Program to chose a File Format. JPG is the best way, as this keeps the file size small.

You can also make a Picture with a good Webcam or Digital Photo Camera of each page in color and upload it to us. To upload the Picture Files, use the same Page where you downloaded the PDF document, before you printed it. The Upload dialog is on the right side.


Put the Picture Files to c:/ of you Computer or know where they are.
Then click on the white box (Browse Button) of the “first page to upload” field to search for the file that you want to upload on your computer. If you have the file on your connected Digital Photo Camera, go to there to find the files.

Choose the first Picture file first then upload it by pressing the Gray Upload Box on the same line. Choose the second Picture file, and then upload it by pressing the Gray Upload Box on the second line.

It should look somehow like this.

The next step is to upload your government issued ID (Passport or Drivers License or similar).

We need it in color and your Photo, Name, Birth date and ID Serial Number must be good readable. You can Scan it or make Photos with a Digital Photo Camera like explained before.

The Screen looks similar to the Upload Screen for the Paper Documents:

If all went OK you should see a Page like this:

After this step you have to select Face Foto.
Select “Face Photo take snapshot” button.
Show your face to the webcam and be sure you are recognizable.
Select “Click here to take snapshot”. If you are satisfied with the result, click the “Submit button”.

If you wish to try again, select “Select Face Photo - Take Snapshot” button.

Show your face to the webcam and be sure you are recognizable. If you look OK, select “(Click Here To Take Snapshot)”. If you are satisfied with the result, click the “Submit Button”.

If you wish to try again select “Are You satisfied with Your current picture If not, click here to take a new one” button.

Look here:

Then choose “Face And ID Photo - Take Snapshon” button. You must hold your government issued photo ID next to your face. If it looks ok, hit on “Click Here to Take Snapshot” button to go to the next page.

In the next page, you fill out your profile.

Choose “Person’s Bio Data - Set Bio Data” button. Select a virtual name, you want to use.

Members will call you with this name. This name will be displayed on your Bio Page, the Page about yourself. Fill all the necessary forms correctly and press on “Submit”.

Then the important part:

Select the method you want to get your money. You can get your earning in every country you might live. For Webcam Models outside USA, Epassporte is a very good choice.

Choose the Payment Method by pressing “Choose Payment Method” button.

Select your desired Payment Method by clicking the right button. I recommend Epassporte if you are outside USA and Check if you live in the USA.

If you work for us it is all free! If you don’t have Epassporte and an Epassporte Credit Card, we will set it up for you. You will get your FREE Credit Card to your home address and you can use it to get your money from every bank Automatic Cash Machine (ATM) or you can go shopping with it. You will also get a virtual Visa Card you can use to go shopping in the internet.

After you have chosen the method you will be paid, click on “Submit”.

After this select the amount of the minimum payment to you. For Epassprte I recommend 100 US Dollar and for Checks maybe a higher amount if you have to pay charges in your country for changing the check into money.

If you need help you can contact us at this e-mail Address: webcams@cuteboysonline.com

You may print this document to have it as a reference.

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