Here we have collected a short overview of what to take care of when you are making money on a live broadcast with you webcam.

  • Be like yourself. Your natural personality is interesting for people. Customers want to see you because they want to know more about you. They want to know If they can make you do things that they want. They want to know you. Don’t be afraid, stay like yourself.
  • Be friendly and polite to other people.
  • Try to never say NO to someone. This makes customers and your money go away. If your customer is gone, you cannot make money with him. (Read my tips what you can do, if someone wants something from you, you do not want to do)
  • Do not look like as if you are at working right now. Do look like, as if you are having fun with that, what you are doing. Look like as if you are doing it for fun only. If you are having fun, your guests will have fun too.
  • Use Audio/Video Chat if you can. You don’t need to be a writing expert. Answer your customers with your voice.
  • Also chat with non paying guests in “Free Chat” . The guests from today could be the customer of tomorrow. If you make them to customers they will buy credits, that means money for you.
  • Do not work restless. Make your pause every few hours. Stand up and move. Stay fresh and excited. Members don’t like you if you sit like a dull, bored face in front of the camera or if you are half asleep. Use your mimic eyes, mouth lips and so on. Make yourself look interesting.
  • Smile, dance, move around, turn the members on in “Free-Chat”. You will make money in private chat faster, if you get visitors to come there.
  • Make sure to have some toys or tools handy. Do not lose a customer because you do not have a dildo.
  • You should remember a name of a customer, or some personal information they gave you. This makes them feel more welcome. They will come back to you, because you know them. But also do not ignore the the rest of the room when your “friends” come in. You never know who your next good customer will be.
  • Beware of the beggars. Some people will say “show me this” or “show me that”. They often promise to go to a private chat with you. But then if you show a little more, they go away, because they have seen, what they want to see.
  • Always remember that explicit nudity is not allowed in free chat and, if you are caught, will result in a loss of money and suspension from the site. This is very important, because also kids can watch there. They are not old enough to see all of you.

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