Do you know other Girls or Boys, who want to be a Cam model?

If you know someone who will also be a cam model and want to make money, ask them to join your webcam studio. This can be boys or girls or webcam couples hetero (boy &girl) couples, gay (boy & boy) couples, lesbian couples (girl & girl), she males or mixed up constellations.

Usually studios are interesting for people who do not want to have a webcam at home, or do not have a webcam at home, or do not want to make money with webcams at home for some reasons (maybe parents) or for someone who has no internet connection at home.

You can become the manager of them. You can start making a webcam studio. This means that multiple webcam models work from the same webcam computer or webcam room.

You simply have to sign up all the models under your account to make these models work for you in your Studio.

The money goes to you and you pay your models, depending on the agreement you made with them. This way you can work with the Computer and make Money from your home 24 Hours a day. If you are absolutely new, better try this later, when you get a feeling for this business.

For questions about how to make webcam rooms and for all other questions, please e-mail us:

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