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To make more money from home-working as a webcam performer, make your video image interesting to customers.

Customers are browsing sites with a lot of pictures (thumbnails) of performers (webcam girls or webcam boys) listed on the screen when they are looking for someone to chat. This can easily be 50 pictures or more all together. So the customer, if he or She does not know you and is not explicitly looking for you, spends just a blink of an eye time, to decide to click on your picture, or on a picture of another webcam performer.

The most important thing to make good money

So it is maybe the most important thing, to make your working place and your picture image, which is there to pick up the surfer, must look very interesting. You can use several elements like color, contrast or different object to do this.

To make the place you will work and make money with web cam interesting is very easy. Keep in mind, that the customers will see it and will judge in seconds if they stay or if they go to another webcam.

  • Your Camera should make good quality pictures. At Least 1.4 Megapixel is ok. More Megapixel means a better picture.
  • An optical Zoom feature is always a plus!
  • Check your picture. Make sure your customers see the whole picture you want to show.
  • Also if you do not want to send your pictures with maximum quality, (maybe because of your upload speed limit) use a better camera. This picture which has a better resolution and therefore is bigger in size, will be scaled down then but the picture will look much much better than a picture of a camera with less megapixel. If you don’t have a good web camera, buy a better webcam as soon as you make some money. If the web camera is not good, the pictures are not good, it is more difficult to make more money. People do not like webcams with very bad quality. Logitech Webcams for example have normally a very good picture, if they are not very old.
  • Make the place you are working from look good. It should be a attractive place. Change the decoration of the place from time to time. Let it look different from time to time.
  • Use “lens correction” or “fisheye correction” if the picture looks like looking through a glass ball.
  • Make color and contrast corrections for an optimal picture. The taint of your skin should look natural and healthy.
  • Make sure the picture is not to dark. Human eyes like bright and crisp images. Use tools to make the picture look best. Ask also friends to make sure the image looks as best as possible.
  • Make sure you have set the best light settings. A window or a light coming from behind is not optimal. This makes the picture of the webcam look ugly. Only one light source also is not good. It makes shadows. That is also not good. Try more than one light source and play with the settings until you have the best result.
  • Make the picture of the Webcam look very good.
  • Play with colors and see which decoration color works best for you.
  • Do not have too much decoration on the screen.

For questions about how to make your webcam room look better and for all other questions, please contact us: - How To Make Money From Home Working -
Make Money - Home Working - How To Earn Money from your Home - The Best Way! - Be your own Boss!
Make Money - Home Working - How To Earn Money from your Home - The Best Way! - Be your own Boss!
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