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If you thought about starting making money as a cam girl or as a cam boy from home with you webcam, you might want to know what computer or what software do I need.

The answer is easy and you do not need much to start working as a webcam model as soon as possible.
You only need a computer that is able to run the Macromedia Flash Player. This software is standard software and should already be installed on every computer which has a web browser.

If not, you can download it for free for the most systems. If it is not installed, you will get a notice when registering, where to download it and how to install. Mostly all this happens automatic.

The Webcam

You also need a compatible webcam or video camera. Compatible means here that it should be able to work together with your computer. Mostly a twain driver handles the requests to the camera. It is the interface to make the software and the hardware work together properly. So if your computer can open your camera from any application, it should also be possible that you can use it to make money as a web cam model from our easy to use portal.

If you have a normal video camera instead of a web cam, you will need a “video in” card for your computer as well. This is mostly the best choice, because the image of a video camera is far better than the image a webcam can provide. The video card which is connected to the computer usually has a driver installed which provides the required twain interface to let programs access the image of the video camera.

You can also use a webcam if you want to make money as a cam model. This is the easiest way because a webcam usually has all required drivers and software in the package. Just take care, that the drivers which are included are the correct ones for the OS (operating system) of your computer. Here are some of the possible systems: Windows 95 (vintage), Windows 98 (vintage), Windows NT (not up to date), Windows 2000 (not up to date), Windows XP (not up to date), Windows Vista, windows 7,8,10, 64-bit or 32bit, and MAC OS 7, 8, 9, x, tiger, leopard, snow leopard, Linux or whatever OS you have.

Get the best webcam you can buy

Logitech has very good webcams. If you do not already have one, don’t buy the cheapest. It should make good pictures, least with 1,4 Megapixel. If it can make optical zoom, this is a plus!

You will get the software that you need to manage the webcam shows from us, from our portal. You do not need to install anything. It works automatically together with the webcam you have installed at your computer. We have the best software for managing your webcam shows. You will have perfect control over your chat rooms and your income. It is easy to use, and you do not need to install it. This means easy work for you.

For more questions about what software do I need to start making money from home with cam modeling and for all other questions, please contact us:

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