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IMPORTANT: Before you register, please read the following:


Before you start the registration process, make sure you have the following things ready. You can also download the Complete Guide How To Successfully Register an Make Money from Home as a Webcam Model, in order to print it out and follow it step by step.

First requirement:

We need a copy of your Photo ID. This can be a government issued Document. This is required by Law. We have to check, if your age is ok. You must be at least 18 years old. A Driver License is the most common form of accepted ID.

A passport is OK aswell. You can also copy us another government-issued ID. It has to be the following details on it:

  • A Photo of you
  • Your Name
  • Your Date of Birth
  • Your Address
  • Identification Number (like serial number of the document)

The copy of the document must be readable to someone who has never seen it before. If it is not readable or if it is manupulated in any way, it will not be accepted. You can use a scanner, or you can make a photo of it with a Digital Photo Camera or with your mobile Phone. If it is good readable you can use your Webcam aswell. You have to Upload us these Documents as a Picture File in Color.

Second requirement:

After you completed your Registration process like described it is strongly recommended to that you make a good profile page. Upload at least 3 good photos of yourself into this area. This is an important because customers will visit this page if they want to know about you. Before they start chatting with you they look to the pictures you have uploaded. This is like an advertisement of you. The more photos you put to your profile the better. If your Photos are sexy it is the best. They can be sexy but not hardcore! This is not allowed.

  • Do not something that is illegal
  • Forbidden is Bestiality: Things like sex games with animals
  • Forbidden is Incest: Do not play daddy son or daddy daughter games or sex with brother or sister role games!
  • Forbidden is also snuff or raping.
  • Forbidden is all that has to do with sex with children or underage people (pedophilia or underage models)
  • No not even play it.
  • do not make dates outside the platform. It is forbidden and it is very dangerous! Don’t offer escort service on this platform!
  • Forbidden is to show explicit nudity in “free chat” areas. There is no age check. Kids could be watching!

After you made your registration, and filled out everything correctly, you will be contacted via email. If you do not want to give us the information we explained above, or you do not like one of the rules, you can not work with us. - How To Make Money From Home Working -
Make Money - Home Working - How To Earn Money from your Home - The Best Way! - Be your own Boss!
Make Money - Home Working - How To Earn Money from your Home - The Best Way! - Be your own Boss!
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